Make decisions, assign tasks, control your work process in one browser window
Organize your company management
in a single space
Having the same issues?
Constant search for data in various services and apps
Hard to keep information up-to-date
Chaos in the document flow
Struggling to manage collaborative work with data
Interlinked data within a space
All the information in your work space is interlinked, so consider any data from different angles
Why you are going to love ntile
Build an easy-to-use personalized data structure. All the docs, lists, templates and tables are the way you need them.
Adaptive space management panel
Document templates
Save your time greatly by building standardized docs according to the required rules
Global data search
Find any information you need effortlessly
A simple and the most efficient way to do a survey and collect the data to further analyze it
Create custom forms
Pre-built templates
Get inspired with pre-made solutions. Use templates,
fill them out with data, or construct your own samples
Important information available on any device any time
Work in the service everywhere
Create your own information portals based on
Arrange open portals fast and cost-effectively, share the content super easily
ntile empowers you to build your own structure of the open information portal and organize it in the way that works best for you
Get started with if you really want to make your team and the entire company thrive
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